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... Your key to the Asian market !

For many years the Thomas enterprise group has been successfully working in the Asian market. Today, it exists an extensive sales and purchasing network in Asia.
With the help of this network, we would like to give other enterprises the chance of expanding their activities internationally.

If you want to

  • sell your products to Asia
  • buy desired products from Asia at favourable prices
  • look for new products and search for new ideas

you should get in contact with us!


We offer you …

Thomas Consulting Asia (TCA) helps you, with numerous services and an extensive German Asian network, realize your purchasing projects and sales activities between Germany and Asia time and cost-saving.

We provide you with direct support for the Asian market through our headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan.

The support is carried out by our longtime partner Chih Lung Chen, who disposes of many connections and contacts in Asia. For many years he has worked together with European and American enterprises very successfully.
Our offer ranges from the search for partners to the carrying out of logistical processing and/or quality controls.

The portfolio of our partner Chih Lung Chen includes numerous products from Asia, for which he has got the exclusive sales rights for the European market.
Thus it is possible for us, to offer exclusive sales partnerships for Europe to you as interested partner.


Making contacts ...

Asian companies are no longer only a cheap prolonged workbench and a supplier to the Western world.

Both is Asia meanwhile: A cheap location and home of very productive enterprises at the same time.

It is up to yourself, whether you want to take part in Asia's economic development.


We would like to consult you !


TCA Thomas Consulting Asia



Address in Asia:
11F-4, No. 738, Chung-Cheng Road
Chung-Ho City, Taipei Pref., Taiwan

Chih Lung Chen, director

Chih Lung Chen
Phone: +886 - 282 26 13 17
Fax: +886 - 282 26 13 15
Mobil: +886 - 921 07 45 87


Address in Germany:
TCA Thomas Consulting Asia
Walkmühlenstraße 93
D-27432 Bremervörde

Phone: +49 47 61/979 -130
Fax: +49 47 61/979 -530


Representative for South America:
V&T Partner
Bogotá - Colombia

Phone: +57 1 3590076
Cell: +57 3003300029

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